The Reno Youth Jazz Orchestra
Audition Information

Auditions for the 2023-2024 season have concluded. If you did not get to audition, make a plan for next season. Use this page and the links provided to get a sense of what will be expected when you do get to audition.

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2023-2024 RYJO Audition Information

To schedule your audition, you MUST email
or Text 775-250-5884.

Auditions will be held Monday, October 16 - Thursday, October 19th from 5:00 pm. - 8:00 pm in the Billinghurst Middle School Band Room.

**All audition information, such as location and dates, are tentative and may be subject to change based on COVID Guidelines set by Nevada as well as the various school districts in Nevada.**

* Please bring the following to your audition:

Audition Details

  • Etude music and scales - You will be required to play etude music and scales for your instrument. The music, "Dad's Tune" by Jeff Jarvis, is provided in pdf format.
    • Instrumental instructions for the etude
    • Alto Sax/Tenor Sax/Baritone Sax – "Dad's Tune"
    • Trumpet – "Dad's Tune"
    • Lead Trumpet – "Dad's Tune"
    • Trombone – "Dad's Tune"
    • Bass Trombone – "Dad's Tune" – and the Bass Trombone excerpt
    • Piano – "Dad's Tune" - Play written music once. Comp the second time through.
    • Guitar/Vibes – "Dad's Tune" - Play written music once. Comp the second time through
    • Bass – "Dad's Tune" - Play the written music once. Walking bass line the second chorus using the chord changes.
  • Sight-reading - You will be required to do some sight-reading with a focus on jazz phrasing, articulation, rhythmic accuracy, musicality, and tone quality.
  • Improvisation - You will be required to improvise on the song "Doxy" by Sonny Rollins.
    • Saxophones/Trumpets/Trombones – Play the head once. Solo through the form twice.
    • Piano/Guitar/Vibes – Play the head once. Comp the second chorus. Solo the third chorus.
    • Bass - Play the head once. Walk the second chorus. Solo the third chorus.

    Background accompaniment will be provided. Dan Greenblatt's Play-along track "Doxy" by Sonny Rollins from The Blues Scale Essential Tools for Improvisation - Exercise 29 CD Track 14 will be used. You can learn more about this book and CD on Amazon. Purchase of this text and CD is not required.

  • Scales - Scales listed below are in concert pitch. Students should begin on that concert pitch and play the appropriate mode indicated. For instance, C dorian would be played by concert pitched instruments from C to C with the key signature of Bb. Bb instruments would play from D to D in the key of C. and Eb instruments would play from A to A in the key of G. Pianists should play all scales with two hands.
    1. F Dorian (concert pitch) – Swing eighth notes up to the 9th and back down. (two octaves if possible)
    2. Eb Mixolydian (concert pitch) – Swing eighth notes up to the 9th and back down. (two octaves if possible)
    3. Chromatic Scale – Begin on a note of your choosing. Play two octaves. Use triplet rhythm at quarter note = 100. Tongue up, slur down (with the exception of rhythm section instruments). Students wishing to be considered for Lead Trumpet should play as high as comfortably possible. Students wishing to be considered for Bass Trombone should play up and then descend as low as comfortably possible.
  • Drumset - Drummers will perform the required grooves for the etude, and sight reading. Students will demonstrate time-keeping ability by performing the following exercises with light fills: [24 bars] of each groove listed below:
    1. Medium Swing (QN=112)
    2. Shuffle (QN=108-112)
    3. Samba (HN=100-108)
    4. Bossa Nova (QN=125-132)
    5. Ballad w/brushes (QN=80)
    6. Up-Temp Swing (HN=100-112)
    7. Funk (QN=100)
  • Voice - All students auditioning for vocals will be asked to sing the items listed below:
    1. Chromatic Scale – Ascending and Descending – one octave - solfege
    2. One Major scale – one octave - Solfege
    3. A Prepared Piece - This piece of music is of your choosing, but should be a jazz style selection somewhere around 90 seconds in length. Acapella is preferred. If using background tracks, to use the sound system, bring a USB drive with your selection on it or your Bluetooth enabled phone with your selection.
    4. Star Spangled Banner – without accompaniment

Please Remember:

To schedule your audition, you MUST email
or Text 775-250-5884.