Bring Me the Funk of James Brown

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On a rainy night at Sand Harbor a small but enthusiastic audience, braving the elements, inspired the band and singers to bring the funk. We hadn’t planned on making this recording into a CD but when I listen to the rough mixes I knew it was special and had to be shared. I hope you agree!

James Brown had many hits before Cold Sweat, but it was that tune recorded in 1967 that brought funk to the world of music. Funk caught fire throughout jazz and pop world during the 70’s and 80’s and it’s funkiness continues on today. The RJO knew it was time to bring James’ funk to our audience, not only his music but those that took to the funk such as Herbie Hancock, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, and of course Tower of Power. With the help of our featured vocalists, the band, and arrangers Hans Halt, Bill Hecht, Jim Garaventa, and myself the funk came to life. Enjoy!

The Reno Jazz Orchestra

Chuck Reider, Music Director


Trey Stone
Jackie Landrum
Pat Esters
Maurice Allen


Louis Fasman
Mark Curry
John Beckman
Andrew Woodard


Dean Carter
Rich Lewis
Joe Cadena
Eric Rogers


Jonathan Phillips, Alto
Dallas Smith, Alto
Doug Coomler, Tenor
Jim Garaventa, Tenor
Dave Peterson, Baritone


Bill Hecht, Piano
Joey Berger, Guitar
Hans Halt, Bass
Tony Savage, Drums
Cody Remaklus, Percussion

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  1. COLD SWEAT (J. Brown, A Ellis)Featuring: Trey Stone
    Solos: Doug Coomler, Jim Garaventa
  2. SOUL VACCINATION (S. Kupka, E. Castillo)Featuring: Trey Stone
    Solos: Doug Coomler
  3. LET’S STAY TOGETHER (A. Green, W. Mitchell, A. Jackson Jr.)Featuring: Trey Stone and Jackie Landrum
    Soloists: Bill Hecht
  4. I FEEL FOR YOU (Prince)Featuring: Jackie Landrum
    Solo: Jonathan Phillips
  5. HANG UP YOUR HANGUPS (H. Hancock, P. Jackson, M. Ragin)Featuring: The Band
    Soloists Jim Garaventa, Bill Hecht
  6. THE BIG PAYBACK (J.Brown, F. Wesley, J. Starks, J. Bobbit)Featuring: Trey Stone
    Solo: Trey Stone
  7. WHAT IS HIP (S. Kupka, E. Castillo, J.D. Garibaldi)Featuring: Jackie Landrum
    Soloists Trey Stone, Bill Hecht
  8. VOICES INSIDE (EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING) (R. Evans, P. Upchurch, R. Powell)Featuring: Pat Esters and Maurice Allen
    Solos: Hans Halt, Cody Remaklus, Joey Berger
  9. TROUBLE MAN (M. Gaye)Featuring: Jackie Landrum
    Solos: Bill Hecht
  10. DIGGIN’ ON JAMES BROWN (S. Kupka, E, Castillo, K. Kessie)Featuring: Trey Stone
    Solo: Doug Coomler
  11. LIVING IN AMERICA (Hartman, Midnight)Featuring: Trey Stone
    Solos: Jonathan Phillips, Trey Stone
  12. LIVING IN AMERICA – Reprise (Hartman, Midnight)Featuring: Trey Stone
    Solo: Joey Berger

Reno Jazz Orchestra

Live at Sand Harbor State Park, Lake Tahoe, NV

Live performance, August, 2014; original CD release, November, 2015

CD Credits

Produced by Chuck Reider

Additional Production by Tom Gordon, Bill Hecht, Hans Halt

Recorded by Ken Van Gelder and Tom Gordon live at the Warren Trepp Amphitheater at Sand Harbor, Nevada, NV August 4, 2014

Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Tom Gordon for Inspired Amateur Productions at Imirage Sound Lab, Sparks, NV.

Live Sound mixed by Ken Van Gelder, Moon Lighting and Sound

Second Engineers: Alan Griffith, John Carlisle, Nick Parkey

Stage Techs:  Charlie Reider, Jake McCarthy

Publicist: Lee Koch

CD design: Mitch Harbaugh at Wicked Melon

Still Photography:  David Rocco

Videography: Ryan Loetscher & Ford Corl

Video Editing: David Ware

Music available on or

A special shout out to the mighty voices of the Band of 100 Choir (you know who you are!) and thanks to all the staff at the Warren Trepp Amphitheater and Dr. Lawrence Davis.

This recording would not be possible without our generous sponsors:

Steve and Lillian Frank, Dent Hand, Jim and Mary Ann Kidder, Richard and Ursula Tracy, Terry Colligan and Mary Culpepper and all of our Band of 100.

©2015 Reno Jazz Orchestra. Made in U.S.A. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable law.

This was never supposed to happen...

I am going to call this our miracle CD.  It was never supposed to happen and yet here it is.  The band had three performances for this program and right after the first performance for Artown I knew we had to multitrack record it and use parts of the performance for promo material.  We scheduled to record the third performance at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival’s Monday night series.  Everything was good to go until the day of the concert, rain forecast all day, a serious problem for playing outdoors.  We took our equipment up there in case there was a break in the rain, which there was at about 4pm.  As we were setting up it began to rain again, but Shakespeare’s Executive Director Bob Taylor came up with the idea of covering the band using vendor tents and patio umbrellas.  Certainly not a perfect setting, but we were watertight and ready to perform.   The audience that braved the elements were treated to the performance you hear on this CD.  One take for each tune and no going back and no cutting tunes from the show.  When I heard the rough mix, the energy on the tracks was stunning.  So… the RJO decided to make a CD out of those recordings and here is the result.  I want to thank the band, singers, and technical staff that braved the elements, through your efforts this “miracle child” was born.  My hope this CD will bring the funk to you for years to come!

Chuck Reider- RJO Music Director